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Meet the team

Today, our shop in King Street, Newtown continues to provide the tranquil oasis and friendly service upon which we have built our reputation. Our range is always evolving with new titles and gifts coming in weekly. We have made many friends through our street presence and are happy to say that our move from a warehouse in the back streets of Newtown to the main drag has been not just a step but a leap forward in providing customers with a positive and meaningful buying experience.
Bodhi Shop

Book guru, a fountain of knowledge, who comes out from out the back from time to time. He loves talking to people and is passionate about having quality Dharma books made available. Being one of the original business founders, who has an ear for music, informing the ambience of the shop that you all love!

Em Ingram-Shute:
Em (on the right, and photographed here with Emma our WEFTshop supplier) is our intrepid buyer of giftware, jewellery, toys, scents, bags, cards, and whatever else catches her eye! An incredible eye for quality and beauty, but never lets her guard down as far as ensuring there is a strong ethical, social and environmental dimension to our products. Em is instrumental in you experiencing that special feeling of warm welcome as you come into the shop. She's our display expert, matching products, colours and a certain je ne c'est quoi to engage your attention as you walk by, enter and explore our beautiful shop.

Nick works primarily in the book side of our business. He's a master bookseller and customer service extraordinaire who is mainly engaged with Windhorse Books - the distribution arm of our enterprise, though some days you'll also encounter him friendly, helpful presence on our shop. Having practiced Buddhism within a wide range of traditions, his open and inquisitive nature brings an ecclectic and unique range of titles into our shop.

Deeply values providing friendly and helpful service to you. Her interest in the Dharma, and strong desire to alleviate the suffering in the world, means she is passionate about working at Bodhi. Oh, in case you didn’t know, she loves cats!